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Just as we'll get to know you. Spiegelman Wealth Management is a team of wealth managers and financial planners with over 75 years of combined experience. With the same employees for over 20+ years, we not only act as a family, we act as a family office for you and other successful families nearing retirement. No matter how consistently you have saved nor how diligently you have planned, we understand that there will always be worries. That's where we come in. Partner with us, and we'll help you get to financial confidence and wealth security, as we have done with hundreds of families before. It's how we've managed to grow our AUM from $200M to nearly $400M in 10 years. (as of 12/2023)

Getting to know you

Getting to know you

Our planning is always built on your unique values

We believe your unique experiences, vision, and situation call for a values-based approach to financial planning. Your core values become the basis for defining your financial philosophy and serve as a guide in developing your plan. We've helped clients plan for their retirement, but was also involved in setting up a trust for their two dogs and hens to be cared for (a true story).

What makes us different?

Unreasonable service

We believe our difference is clear. Not only do we bring a depth of knowledge, experience, and commitment to helping you pursue the financial future you envision, we deliver our promises with an unreasonable level of service.

Just as we are committed to our close-knit 'family' of a team, we are committed to working closely with a select group of clients. This way, we form a bond with each individual and each family on a personal level. We are immersed in every detail of your financial situation, including where you came from, where you are now, and where your wealth is yet to take you. This way, we can provide the attention you would naturally expect from us, while still surprising you with an almost unimaginable level of service.

Do we sound like the partner for you?

If you're looking for a hands-off wealth manager, who does nothing but crunching numbers before working on their golf game the rest of the afternoon, that's not us. We treat clients like family. You'll always recognize the voice that answers the phone and the name signing off on an e-mail. If you want a wealth manager that understands you and your goals for life, then contact us today.

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