Live wealthy.

Over the past 25 years, we have helped 100s of families to spend confidently today while securing their wealth for future generations.

What does it mean to live wealthy?

At Spiegelman Wealth Management, we work with each client to understand what living wealthy truly means to you and enact the right planning and strategies to get you there. Whether it means buying a beach house, touring the country in an RV, or spending more time with your grandkids, we help you spend confidently while growing what money you save, keeping your wealth secure for you and for future generations.

How we can help

Our services are bespoke to each client we serve. However, our goal is always the same: ensure that you feel comfortable living the life you have worked hard for, while knowing your wealth will be preserved for the future.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive roadmap to help provide financial security

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Wealth Management

Help grow and protect your wealth with customized strategies

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Retirement Planning

Create a plan to help you enjoy financial security during your retirement years

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Goal Planning

Establish short and long-term goals that give you focus and keep you accountable

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Generational Wealth Planning

Pass down your assets and help sustain your legacy

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Unreasonable service

Unreasonable service

We believe in the philosophy of 'unreasonable service.' We are constantly striving to create extraordinary experiences for our clients, going above and beyond what you might expect from traditional wealth managers. Our mission is to understand the depths of your hopes, goals, and the obstacles in their way, so we can help you truly live your wealthiest life.

Understanding your money psychology

We are all wired differently. Our passions, fears, and dreams are different. When we hear the word “wealth” we all have unique thoughts and emotions. That is why we invest the time to understand your psychology of money so we are better aware of the emotions and behaviors that drive you.

Caring for our communities

We believe that helping others makes all the difference in the world. That’s why we support the causes and organizations that are doing their part to make our communities a better place to work and live.

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We're not for everyone.

If you're looking for a hands-off wealth manager, who does nothing but crunching numbers before working on their golf game the rest of the afternoon, that's not us. We treat clients like family. You'll always recognize the voice that answers the phone and the name signing off on an e-mail. If you want a wealth manager that understands you and your goals for life, then contact us today.

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